What are the 7 Sacred Laws?

The Seven Sacred Laws are important teachings in our cultures as the Original People of Turtle Island.

They are ancestral values that inspire our conduct as human beings, and bring us back to a relationship with the Earth. The Seven Sacred Laws are represented by seven animals. Each animal offers a special gift and understanding of how we as people should live our lives on Mother Earth. The Turtle Lodge has initiated the return and sharing of the Seven Sacred Laws in this very special time as we search for peace. The Seven Sacred Laws form the foundation of all Turtle Lodge programs.




Respect all life on Mother Earth, respect Elders and people of all races. The essence of respect is to give.



Eagle Always act in love.  Love the Creator.  Love the Earth.  Love yourself, your family, and your fellow human beings.



Bear Listen to your heart.  It takes courage to do what is right.

Sabe (Bigfoot)


Sabe Never lie or gossip, be honest with yourself and others.  Speak from your heart.  Be true to your word.



Beaver Everyone has a special gift.  Show wisdom by using your gift to build a peaceful world.



Wolf Think of others before yourself.  Humble yourself to the Great Spirit by being thankful.



Turtle Always seek truth.  Living the truth is living the Seven Teachings.

These 7 Sacred Laws are important for all peoples to remember on the journey of the Human Spirit.

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