Summary of the First International Roundtable Supporting Ancient Indigenous Knowledge

Turtle Lodge, Sagkeeng First Nation, Manitoba, Canada May 14-17, 2010 From May 14-17, 2010, the Turtle Lodge organized, led and hosted the first International Roundtable Supporting Ancient Indigenous Knowledge, near the geographical center of the continent on the Sagkeeng First Nation in Manitoba, Canada. This gathering was supported by the Paa Ba Ma Sa Gay Traditional Drum (Treaty #3), which offered its gift of sacred songs, nurturing, strength and assistance with uniting the People of all Nations. The Roundtable was co-chaired by Anishnabe Elder David Courchene and U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich, who is highly regarded for his human rights advocacy record. Special invitations were made to 32 selected individuals from around the world to attend this gathering to speak and stand for peace, principles of fairness and human rights, and a restoration of balance in Mother Earth’s ecosystem. Indigenous spiritual leaders from across North America, and delegates from countries including Canada, the United States, Japan, Great Britain, New Zealand, Bosnia-Herzogovina, Brazil, Greenland, and Germany attended this highly successful gathering, supported by recent President of the United Nations General Assembly, Father Miguel D’Escoto Brockmann. Delegates came to agreement and resolution to support the following collaborative initiatives that would help highlight Indigenous knowledge to help humanity reconnect to the land and bring the children back into the centre of our lives internationally:
  1. To initiate an International Youth Music Festival, that would bring together musically talented youth from around the globe who would highlight a message of peace, reconnection to the land and perspective informed by ancient Indigenous knowledge.
  2. To initiate Youth Roundtables, whereby youth, mentored by traditional Indigenous elders, can connect with the land and learn respectful traditions and values that will guide them to inspired leadership in the coming generation as leaders of tomorrow.
  3. To further develop the support provided for the existing sacred Turtle Lodge that supports the sharing of ancient Indigenous knowledge, focusing on youth, and to extend that support to the construction of similar Indigenous Turtle Lodges in the four corners of the Earth that would model and reflect Indigenous knowledge specific to their geographic areas.
  4. To hold a second International Roundtable Supporting Ancient Indigenous Knowledge in Washington, DC, this time by the invitation of Roundtable Co-Chair U.S. Congressman Dennis Kucinich on Capitol Hill.
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