Rite of Passage to Leadership Gathering

Riteofpassage A Gathering linking the Wisdom of the First Nation Elders with the Energy of the Youth
  • The Turtle Lodge is initiating a Call from the Center of the continent to a special Gathering to initiate the Youth of all Cultures into Leadership
  • The Gathering is to support Youth as they accept their role as Leaders of today who lead us into a New World
  • We will hear the Voice of the Youth
  • Discussion will take place on the Environment & how we
  • have contaminated the Food Chain
  • The Elders will take their rightful place of influence
  • offering their Wisdom of Leadership
  • Songs & Ceremonies appropriate to initiating Youth to Leadership will be shared
  • Elders will ceremonially pass the Flame of Leadership
  • The Sacred Fires will be lit for the 4 day gathering
  • Please click here for a PDF Summary of the event.
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