Makoose Ka Win


Since the beginning, our People, The Indigenous People of Turtle Island have celebrated, honored and welcomed the child into adulthood. It is with these thoughts and out of our love for the children, we are calling all young women to come and be in a sacred and teaching lodge – Mikinaak Kinamagamik – The Turtle Lodge. Young women are invited to hear, share and experience the ways (Teachings – Kakiikwenun) of how to honor and carry oneself as a Woman.  This will be a time for all Women to recognize and understand the sacredness of woman. This rites of passage event is born out of the Annual Igniting the Fire – The Sacred Gathering held each year at the Sacred Site of Manitou Api.  It is out of the Igniting the Fire – The Sacred Gathering that the Elders have confirmed that the new life has arrived and that it our responsibility to pass traditional Indigenous teachings onto the younger generation and generations to come.

It is time for Women to claim and embrace their rightful positions of honor and responsibility in walking with and leading all of our people – men, women and children – back to our sacred way of life.

Our Elders, both women and men, have kept the knowledge and ceremonies of these rites of passage and now want to share these with all people.  These ceremonies are our way of life and have always been here to help us to remain on the path that our Great Creator set out for us.  That path is to be the honorable and sacred beings that the Creator meant each of us to be. We are holding this gathering from May 25 to 29, 2013 at the Turtle Lodge located in Sagkeeng First Nation, Manitoba.   This will be led, supported, guided and directed by the grandmothers who will be supported by other Elders and mentors. Each woman is responsible for her travel and is to make a Contribution to this gathering to support the teachings and vision being shared with them. Contact:
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