A Call to the Nation by Elders from the Four Directions to Light the Sacred Fires of Prayer for the Youth: Winter Solstice — December 21, 2016


A Call to the Nation by Elders from the Four Directions to

Light the Sacred Fires of Prayer for the Youth

Winter Solstice (Longest Night of the Year)

December 20-21, 2016


Light the Sacred Fire in your Home Community at Sunrise December 21, 2016

On November 24-25th, 2016, a group of Elders and Knowledge Holders from First Nations from all four directions from across Canada met in Ottawa to discuss health and wellness of the Nation. The following Call to the Nation came out of this historic gathering.

The Sacred Fire

The fire has always been a symbol of the sun.  As we light the Sacred Fire it is as though we have brought the sun to be in our close presence, giving us warmth, and open to receiving the prayers – the offerings for the Spirit World.  Through the Sacred Fire one can find healing and direction.

It is like bringing light into a dark world.

The birth of the sun brings a special significance during the Winter Solstice.  It is a time to renew one’s vows to the Creator through the sun, the Sacred Fire.

Traditionally the Original People have always gone into ceremony to celebrate what is considered the longest night – the Winter Solstice.  The Winter Solstice gives birth to the New Sun through the longest night of the year.  It is during that longest night that we honour our way of life.  We follow the New Sun across the sky as it watches over us.  It is a time when we honour our ancestors and what they have left for us.

This is the New Sun that will travel each day covering the four seasons to return to the Winter Solstice. In our vows we ask the Grandfather Sun to guide and protect us each day, to remind us of the Seven Teachings that act as the foundation of a good life.

The Sacred Fire draws and attracts the Spirit to come within our presence.  We greet the New Sun in a Pipe Ceremony, with a Feast.

When we are able to do what our Ancestors that done, it is always in faith and belief in a Higher Power of the Spirit, whom we recognize and acknowledge is the real source of knowledge and power.

We acknowledge the crisis of suicide and depression that Youth are facing across the country, and the importance of all of our roles in helping strengthen the identity of the Youth.

These Sacred Fires will be a beacon of hope and faith for Youth who are suffering, will celebrate new Children being born, and will acknowledge those Youth who are living positive lives.

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