Celebration of Giving (2009)


An event between the Turtle Lodge & the Muslim Community of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA)

Beginning with a visit by Anishnabe Elder and spiritual leader Dave Courchene (Neeghani Aki Innini) to the Islamic Institute of Toronto in June 19, 2009, the Celebration of Giving was initiated by the Turtle Lodge and supported by Toronto area Muslims.  The Turtle Lodge would like to thank the Toronto Muslim community for its strong support of the Celebration of Giving:
  •  The Islamic Institute of Toronto contributed $1,000 to the Native Child & Family Services of Toronto for their community kitchens that feeds hungry Aboriginal children in Toronto.
  • The Islamic Foundation of Toronto Elementary School students fasted in 2009 on the Day of Arafat with pilgrims on Hajj and in solidarity with their Aboriginal brothers and sisters and the Celebration of Giving. The school principal, Dr. Yahya Qureshi, donated proceeds to the Native Child & Family Services of Toronto’s community kitchens.
  • On Nov. 7, 2009 the Muslim Communities Scouts Canada Initiative planted 650 trees at Reesor Wetlands with Friends of the Rouge Watershed, north of the Toronto Zoo. It was followed by a nature hike to the Rouge River Meander. Muslim Scouts are working to increase participation and awareness in Muslim communities and help people reach out to touch the Earth to restore and heal both ourselves and the Earth.
Celebration of Giving
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