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Let’s Build the Turtle Lodge Bunkhouse!

The Turtle Lodge has just announced that we will begin building the Turtle Lodge Bunkhouse, beginning construction in the Spring of 2015! We hope that people of all colours will […]

$1100 Donated

Grandmother Turtle Lodge Upgrade & Revitalization Project

The Turtle Lodge offers all this opportunity to give. We are raising funds to upgrade and revitalize the infrastructure of our beautiful lodge of learning and healing. Beginning in 2014 […]

Ogokiinooniiwen (Thirteen Moons) – Full Moon Ceremonies at the Turtle Lodge

Invitation from the Turtle Lodge Since the Spring of 2014, the Turtle Lodge has been conducting Full Moon ceremonies each Full Moon of the year,┬áto acknowledge and honour Nookomis (Grandmother […]

First Nation Awareness Workshops

The Turtle Lodge offers First Nation Awareness workshops which share a traditional perspective. The workshops can be designed to accommodate the unique needs of groups, and could be made available […]

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