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Full Moon Ceremonies

Invitation from the Turtle Lodge Since the Spring of 2014, the Turtle Lodge has been conducting Full Moon ceremonies each Full Moon of the year, to acknowledge and honour Nookomis (Grandmother […]

Indigenous Knowledge Teachings

The Turtle Lodge offers Indigenous Knowledge Workshops which share a traditional perspective.The workshops can be designed to accommodate the unique needs of groups, and could be made available to anyone […]

Turtle Lodge Youth Programs

The Turtle Lodge can help design a Youth Program based on the needs of a group.  We have done Youth Programs with students and youth of all ages, and all […]

Sacred Site Visits

Manitou Api:  “Where the Creator Sat” The Turtle Lodge incorporates a pilgrimage to Manitou Api, located a 1 ½ hour drive from the lodge, in many of our initiatives.  The province […]

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