Grandmother Turtle Lodge Upgrade & Revitalization Project


The Turtle Lodge offers all this opportunity to give. We are raising funds to upgrade and revitalize the infrastructure of our beautiful lodge of learning and healing.

We wish to upgrade the original Grandmother Turtle Lodge to make it more accessible to people across the country, especially to all our First Nation communities.

Beginning in 2014 – together we are raising $2.5 million to:

    • Fix the road.
    • Build a parking lot.
    • Expand the Turtle Lodge by adding 8 additional teaching and healing programming classrooms.
    • Build a living roof and do upgrades to heating and plumbing – Solar panels, Geothermal heating.
    • Build an on-site bunk-house with kitchen and bathroom facilities for youth to stay overnight for programs that last a few days.
    • Build a groundskeeper residence.
See more info on Let’s Build the Turtle Lodge Bunkhouse! here. We are a charitable organization and can offer tax receipts for donations: Anishnabe Mikinack Kinamakamik, Charitable Regsitration No. 89405 1408 RR0001.


When I walk into the Turtle Lodge I feel my Spirit uplifted. As youth and many others often describe “it feels like home”. The Turtle Lodge connects my Spirit back to the Original ways of my Ancestors. Ancient knowledge and the traditional and cultural teachings inspire and invoke my Spirit. I’ve seen many children and youth leave the Turtle Lodge with pride, dignity and happiness – because they have been touched by the Spirit of the Grandmother Turtle. It is important to continue to have the Knowledge Holders, Elders and Teachers teach and educate the children and youth from all walks of life at the Turtle Lodge – a place where one’s true Identity as a Spiritual being is nurtured.
Mary Maytwayashing, Grandmother, Lake Manitoba First Nation

The Turtle Lodge is important because it is a place where all people can learn about Aboriginal traditions, ceremonies and ancient knowledge. I haven’t been able to learn about my culture anywhere as much as I have at the Turtle Lodge. It is such a beautiful place that really inspires me to live a more traditional life, and be a better person. This place and the knowledge that you can gain there is like no other. It is so important because in a such a tumultuous, changing and busy world, The Turtle Lodge gives me a safe place to reconnect with my roots and find grounding and peace.
Justice Vezina, Youth Leader, Anishnabe-Metis

Creator gave us many things that can provide a foundation for life. The Drum is still here and the Pipe. The medicine and the laws. The land is still here. If we use these things we will be well.
Kitty Everson, Elder, Lac Seul First Nation

The Turtle Lodge will preserve and pass down our ways. It will serve as a bridge to help others understand the Anishinabe people and bring some Anishinabe who have lost their way back onto the path. It is important because it will be a beacon of hope for our people and the many future generations that will follow.
Erica Daniels, Youth Leader, Peguis Cree Nation

The Turtle Lodge is important because it is reversing the devastating consequences of the residential school era, in which our identity was buried under lies and misconceptions. It reveals the truth of who we are as a beautiful, ceremonial, loving and peaceful people.
Will Landon, Youth Leader, Rat Portage First Nation
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