LawofMothersThe Turtle Lodge is a place of ceremony. Ceremony is an integral part of all Turtle Lodge gatherings, which may include the sacred fire, pipe ceremony, and sweat lodge ceremony. Individuals are welcome to spend time in the Turtle Lodge for personal prayer and fasting. Major seasonal ceremonies continue to be led by the Turtle Lodge on-site and sometimes at other locations throughout the year, to give thanks and ensure the survival of a good and peaceful way of life. People coming to ceremonies are responsible for bringing their own tobacco and cloth offerings, making their own travel and accommodation arrangements, bring their own bedding and supplies, e.g. plates, cups, toilet paper, etc. and are asked to clean up after themselves at the ceremonial lodges. Potluck feasts are held at many of the ceremonies. Those coming may bring their sacred items, tobacco ties, prepared food for the feasts and a donation. The offerings help cover the costs of firewood, lodge maintenance, feasts, etc. Those who are participating may camp outside or inside the lodge. Everyone is welcome to the ceremonies. Women are welcomed to wear long skirts if they wish to show respect for cultural protocols. Women on their moon time are asked to refrain from coming to the seasonal or major ceremonies, such as the Sundance, Warrior Dance, Windigokon Ceremony, Chii By Ceremony (Ghost Dance), Winter Solstice, sweat lodges and fasting lodges.  Women on their moon time may attend  certain ceremonies such as the Mother Earth Lodge, Full Moon Ceremonies and Makoose Ka Win, where they are encouraged to participate, except when those ceremonies are being held in one the ceremonial lodges mentioned earlier in this paragraph.   Women on their moon time are welcomed to attend Turtle Lodge meetings and gatherings other than the major ceremonial lodges mentioned, and asked to sit near the back of the Turtle Lodge during the Pipe, water and healing ceremonies, and return to their place in the circle once the ceremonies have been completed.  Turtle Lodge Grandmothers can provide further teachings on this in person. Photographs and filming are permitted during our gatherings and meetings at Turtle Lodge, except during the Pipe, Water and healing ceremonies.  Photographs and video are strictly forbidden during any of our seasonal ceremonies, sweat lodges and fasting lodges. If you are not sure, please ask and we will be glad to answer your questions.  Contact us at turtlelodge@mts.net. Kinanakomininim – with gratitude – for your support and help in following these important protocols.
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