Media Coverage of The Seven Sacred Laws Animated Web Series

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Series director and co-writer, Erica Daniels, was interviewed by Global News Morning Winnipeg on June 7th. Watch the clip below:

Series writer, Elder Dr. David Courchene, and series director and co-writer, Erica Daniels, were featured on CityNews Winnipeg on June 3rd to discuss the importance of sharing Indigenous Teachings such as the 7 Sacred Laws

Series writer, Elder Dr. David Courchene, and director and co-writer, Erica Daniels, both appeared on CTV News Winnipeg on June 3rd to discuss the new animated web series for Manitoba 150. Watch the full interviews and read the message from Elder Dr. David Courchene below.

Thank you for this opportunity to share about the Seven Sacred Laws. These Laws have had a profound impact on my life. These Seven Laws represent the foundation of our identity as a People and can set a new foundation and new narrative in this country, that’s inclusive in respecting the diversity of the human family. This is all the more critical, given what we are witnessing right now in terms of the recent horrific discovery of 215 young children.

I want to acknowledge Erica Daniels for her contributions to this project; Erica is a gifted young Indigenous leader and filmmaker. I also extend my gratitude to Stuart Murray, Hubert Mesman and Monique Lacost from Manitoba 150, Trevor Kron from IG Wealth Management, and Peg City Pictures with Jeff Newman, Julie Hackett and their team, for their partnership in bringing this vision of the Seven Sacred Laws to life in such a beautiful way.

The Anishinaabe People have evolved with these laws for many thousands of years. The Ancestors of our Nations left us a footprint, a path to follow. The foundation of that path has been the Seven Sacred Laws, which came to our ancestors through visions and dreams. As the First Peoples we’ve always been guided by our visions and dreams, in the same way as other spiritual traditions around the world.

The Turtle Lodge was received through a vision and built in my community of Sagkeeng First Nation as a labour of love. It has become recognized as a place of healing for all people, where we practice our full autonomy as the First Peoples, share our way of life, practice our ancient ceremonies and teach the youth our languages. The turtle for us as Anishinaabe People is a symbol of truth.

We’ve arrived in a time when we need to build on values that support life. Two common concerns can unite us as humanity – our love for our children and the issue of accelerated climate breakdown. Let us establish these universal Seven Sacred Laws and create a better world. 

The intention of this series is to share about the Seven Sacred Laws in a way that is accessible to all. As Anishinaabe People we were given laws inclusive to all life, that help us to be kind and live in a good way on Mother Earth. There are seven animals that represent the Seven Sacred Laws, beginning with the Law of Respect – brought by the Buffalo. The essence of Respect is to give, just like the Buffalo who gave its whole being for the life of the people.

Love – brought by the Eagle – is about loving the Creator and Mother Earth, in loving ourselves the way we were created, and loving each other. The eagle brings vision based on love.

Courage – brought by the Bear – is to live from the heart, to have the courage to be ourselves, and to do the right thing for the sake of the Children, the way a mother bear would die before seeing harm come to her cub.

Honesty – brought by the Sabe or Bigfoot – is to be honest, to speak truth from the heart. We are not to lie, judge or condemn others, rather speak well of others, honouring their uniqueness.

Wisdom – brought by the Beaver – is to use our gifts given to us by the Creator, to build a peaceful world, just like the beaver uses his gift of sharp teeth to build. If he didn’t use his gift, his teeth would grow long and he would die. If we did not use the unique individual gifts we have been given, we would not fulfill our true purpose on Mother Earth.

Humility – brought by the Wolf – is knowing we are all equal in the eyes of the Creator and showing gratitude for life received.

Truth is represented by the Turtle, who is one of the oldest animals and who has seen life evolve. To live truth is to walk all Seven Sacred Laws, together.

These Seven Sacred Laws can act as the foundation for anything we create as we build a new world.


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    • Teresa Ruchkall Ruchkall
    • June 9, 2021

    I have been near the Turtle Lodge while on the grounds there. Every time I was near the Turtle Lodge 🐢 I felt a deep sense of sacredness.

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