The 8th Fire Gathering 2008

[tube][/tube] On September 12-14, 2008, Sacred Earth Network organized an event in northern Massachusetts. They brought together Native American elders and local sustainability enthusiasts to discuss how to go forward, in a good way, for the Earth and for the children. The ‘Eighth Fire’ is a term that arose from the teachings of the Seven […]


Whiteshell petroforms native treasure

Whiteshell petroforms native treasureBANNOCK POINT — The largest and perhaps oldest aboriginal petroforms in North America sit in the heart of Whiteshell Provincial Park. Yet, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single aboriginal person within 100 kilometres of that site on any given summer day, when some 3,000 cottage owners have the run of the […]


Interview for Austin Daze

Here’s an interview I did for Austin Daze Newspaper: ELDER DAVE COURCHENE JR. | Austin DazeAUSTIN DAZE: We would like to know, what is the most important and meaningful message you could offer all of us living in these times? ELDER DAVE COURCHENE JR: I think one of the biggest struggles that we have as […]


Keeping the Faith

Here I am talking about our spirituality in the Winnipeg Free Press. Keeping the faithSAGKEENG — When Dave Courchene Jr. travelled to South Korea this fall, he envied one aspect of that country’s health care system. “They give equal support and recognition to oriental medicine that they would to western medicine,” he says. via Winnipegfreepress


Video production celebrates diversity

I had a lot of fun helping these Grade 5 students from Harold Hatcher School in Transcona, Winnipeg, learn about aboriginal culture for their video. Video production celebrates diversityWinnipeg Free Press – PRINT EDITION A group of Grade 5 students at Harold Hatcher School in Transcona has produced a video and learned about aboriginal culture […]

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