Elder Morris Little Wolf

Piikani First Nation, Blackfoot Confederacy

Elder Morris Little Wolf is a Blackfoot member of the Piikani First Nation that entered into Treaty with the British Crown in 1877.  He is married to Betty Ann Little Wolf, formerly Crow Shoe, of Piikani First Nation.

In 2017, Elder Morris and his wife Betty Ann were selected by the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) to sit on the National Elders Council of Canada.  Elder Morris is a member of the Elders’ Indigenous Bar Advisory panel with the Federal Court Judges.  He sits on the Board for Calgary Homeless.  In addition, he is a marriage commissioner for the Province of Alberta.  

In 1993, Elder Little Wolf was introduced as the R.C.M.P. Elder Representative for the Aboriginal Policing Program, as the only First Nation Elder representative on the R.C.M.P. in Canada.  He has represented his approach in Canada, the United States in Europe. Elder Morris was sworn in as a full-time Elder Special Constable with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police on November 5, 1997. He was very instrumental in integrating his knowledge of native beliefs into his day-to-day duties.  His spiritual, cultural and traditional values and philosophies are always reflected when he addresses the spiritual, emotional, physical and mental stability of individuals and groups involved in their work.

Elder Morris has been involved with the Alternative Measures Programs since 1995.  These programs are being utilized at the Piikani First Nation R.C.M.P., the Community Justice Forum, and traditional healing circles.  The implementation of cross-cultural camps, for awareness of the First Nation, was done with his exceptional expertise.  Through these cultural camps and workshops, Elder Morris worked hard in bringing his teachings and approach to schools, the R.C.M.P., and the remarkable street people in attendance.

Elder Morris has witnessed the destruction and dysfunctional ways that our youth encounter both on- and off-reservation, and how it destroys lives.  His workshops on Identity have helped our People become more aware of how to identify and express feelings, and work on how to obtain and maintain a sense of pride and dignity, as well as the essence of responsibility and respect that our People treasure and value.

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