Elder Inka Antaurko

Inka Nation

Antuarko is a Spirtual Leader from the ancient Tawantinsuyo region, known collectively as South
America. He is recognized as an Inka Amauta (Spiritual Guide) by the Counsel of Elders of South
America for his high level of understanding of the Inka Cosmovision.

Antaurko’s wisdom and love for all creation has fuelled his motivation to conserve, practise, teach
and share his ancestral cultural knowledge to the new generation of his community and the world.
In 2016, Antaurko initiated the “1st Intercontinental Gathering of First Nations” in Huaraz and
Chavin de Huantar, Peru.

He has participated in ceremonial gatherings of first nations of AbyaYala (North, Central and South
America) and the world. Antaurko founded Wasy Kamaq, centre of Inka Ancestral Knowledge,
based on the values and principles of the Inka culture, for the benefit of his nation, Indigenous
nations of the world and all of humanity.

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