Elder Ed Sackaney

Cree Nation

As an Indigenous person of Turtle Island and being in a residential school for a few years, Knowledge Keeper Ed Sackaney has committed to and embraced the positive cultural/Spiritual values as provided by his Nation. Ed was taught to have humility, self respect/respect for others and always to nurture his holistic being. The following prayer was shared by a Knowledge & Wisdom Keeper during my infancy of personal healing and since given the affirmation, Ed continues to be reminded to keep moving forward.


I open the healing energy of the prayers and blessings of my Grandfathers and Grandmothers. By the mere that I was as Mushkegowuk Inninew, I have already been blessed by the generations that were.

I allow the healing prayers of my Grandfathers and Grandmothers to make me whole again. To clear the clogged hurting holes in my being, to let their loving blessings comfort and to remove the loneliness, the feeling of powerlessness accumulated in my physical body throughout my life path on Mother Earth.

I honour the Great Creator by opening my heart and mind to the way given to my ancestors. Respect was kindly given to me by them before I was conceived, and my response to that respect is to focus healing on my people now.

I let go of aggravation, anxiety and anger for I do not need them to be who I want to be: a healer, a sincere caregiver, and a trusted helper. I release from my being, the hurts I have collected and hung on to from my past.

I see, hear and feel healing happening in me and around me. I let my protective shell crumble in the warm living attitude the Great Creator has endowed for me as my birthright!!….

As an Indigenous person of being allowed of working with the Original people of Turtle Island in the past and now the present, it certainly has been a super good ride. This prayer first shared over 30 years ago has provided a holistic and a personal strong road to keep persevering. I am honoured.

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