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A Call from Turtle Lodge: LIGHTING THE WORLD ON FIRE (DECEMBER 21,2020)

December 21

A Call from the Turtle Lodge: LIGHTING THE WORLD ON FIRE
Rediscovering the real power of the Sacred Fire & Bringing light to the darkness of the World

DECEMBER 21, 2020
On Turtle Island (North America), we will be lighting our Sacred Fires on the day of the Winter Solstice – which we celebrate as the birth of the New Sun

Light and offer your prayers at a Sacred Fire wherever you are in the world!

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Elder Nii Gaani Aki Inini (Leading Earth Man) – Dr. Dave Courchene  

Rediscovering the Power of the Sacred Fire

By Elder Nii Gaani Aki Inini (Leading Earth Man)
Dr. Dave Courchene
Anishinaabe Nation, Eagle Clan

We have arrived in a pivotal moment of great change and great opportunity. This is a time of transformation.

In today’s reality, we live in a world with so much uncertainty and confusion. Our whole lives have changed with a virus, sending us into shock with the thought of losing control.

Humanity still struggles to find its true purpose. Our society has buried truth, has buried kindness and has buried freedom.

What have we become? Who or what can we believe in? Through our lack of moral and ethical behaviour, we have created a world of darkness. Our world is divided; we are separated from each other and disconnected from the land. We’ve used our gift of free choice to create a selfish world of materialism, at great cost to nature itself.

We have much to learn from nature. As humanity, we’ve created systems and ideologies that keep us separated rather than uniting us. Nature can show us how to work together.

The Earth is a living entity, with an intelligence we need to connect with. She is the true teacher of life who helps us find ourselves, as we go within our own being. We each have a spirit that defines our identity, and gives us purpose and meaning.

Within the core of Mother Earth is a fire that is transferred to all who have been born from the Earth. When the fire inside us goes out, our physical being returns to the Earth, while our spirit returns to its source in the spiritual realm. The spirit lives forever.

Earth, air, water and fire are nature’s elements of life. Life could not flourish or sustain itself without each one of these elements. They are the roots of life.

We’ve neglected to show respect for these elements that sustain life.  Fire is one of the most misused of these elements. 

Today I want to share with you the true spiritual power of fire. Humanity has misused and abused this element. This is very evident in weapons of war. Fire is a symbol of the sun, and of the Great Spirit, a symbol of hope, purification and rebirth.  

We have fires that have been unleashed by Nature, as a clear sign that humankind cannot control nature.

The old people who know the power of the sacred fire say, “Go to the fire. This is where your healing can begin. The fire will transform you into a being of light and kindness.”

Fire is central to our evolution. The sacred element of fire was lit from ancient times. 

As a People we have survived the genocide with the help of the sacred fire. Although we went underground during the hard times of domination over our way of life, the sacred fire kept the heart warm, bringing the spirit of our ancestors within our presence to keep us strong. The fire held the vision they brought us, the vision of peace. 

Our vision came from many generations of our People living by the fire. 

Through the sacred fire comes the direction from the Spirit.

The fire acts as the doorway for the entrance of spirit. As we light the sacred fires, it brings the essence of the light of the sun, the essence of spirit, into our presence.

The sacred fire can help us in our journey to find our true spiritual identity, our purpose and our dreams. This journey is the first step in transforming ourselves to be People of the heart. 

The fire has the power to ignite a passionate, blazing fire of love and kindness within each of us. The fire melts the ice in our hearts.

We have strayed so far away from the fire we have become lost in the darkness of our misguided minds.

Today, I humbly ask the world to join our efforts here on the Winter Solstice in the Northern Hemisphere – December 21 of this year – to light a sacred fire wherever you are on the planet of Mother Earth. 

The fire will light the path to our return, a return to light after the longest night.

To the Indigenous, and I’m sure other cultures, the longest night represents the birth of the New Sun. We begin our new year with the new sun as we pledge our commitment to the Spirit. It is a time to rediscover the real power of fire, which shines a light on truth.

If you are fortunate to have a place to light a sacred fire, use it, and for those in the cities, invest in candles to light your fire. Speak words of gratitude to the fire to invoke the Spirit to come within our presence, to help us in these difficult and challenging times.

As we relight the sacred fires, we will re-light the fire, hope, courage, and passion to love and be kind in each of us. Through the fire we will receive the direction to fulfill our dreams of peace. 

Indigenous prophecies share that a time would come when we would be called to lead a movement of awakening. The element of fire can bring us out of the darkness, and then we can begin sharing the knowledge we have as a spiritual People, loving the land.

Join us…!

Let us light the world on fire and clear a path, offering an entrance for the spirit of our ancestors to come through.
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December 21
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