Turtle Lodge Elders Gathering, Feast, and Rounddance

The Elders will be gathering on the day and the evening of the Full Moon January 26, 2013 beginning at 1 pm at the Turtle Lodge to give voice to the New Life. There is an awakening happening around the world. It is being led by the Spirit and the forces of Nature. The doors are being opened through the forces of Nature to reveal the true meaning of our existence and purpose as human beings. The Elders wish to ensure that a message of peace is delivered. We will also be joining our sisters and brothers worldwide that evening, in conducting a Feast of Thanks and Gratitude for Mother Earth. Finally, we call on everyone there that day to join us at the Turtle Lodge for a Rounddance! Dave Courchene, Turtle Lodge Founder, stated, “This is our opportunity now to show the world the truth of who we really are as a spiritual people. Our way is not to impose, but rather to appeal to the hearts of man. We are going to be bringing in the gifts that our people have always relied on to offer strength, guidance and direction. These gifts include the sacred pipe, the sacred drum and our ceremonies.”
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