Traditional Knowledge Keepers and Scientists at Turtle Lodge – September 9 to 12, 2017

Registration is now closed   On September 9-12th, invited Traditional Knowledge Keepers and Scientists will gather at the Turtle Lodge for 4 days of knowledge exchange following traditional protocols. Panelists will speak in a series of roundtable discussions to share diverse ways of knowing and knowledge on cultural and environmental issues.

The gathering will be co-facilitated by Dave Courchene, as Traditional Knowledge Keeper Chair and David Suzuki, as Scientist Chair, and supported by Scientia Chair Miles Richardson.

The message and call to action born in this meeting will inspire a national and international dialogue on cultural and environmental stewardship, based on Indigenous values and scientific expertise and partnerships.  This gathering will help offer guidance from a ceremonial perspective to put a spring conference on traditional knowledge and science, Scientia, in a ceremonial context.

This gathering builds upon the Onjisay Aki Calls to Action on Climate, which were created at the Onjisay Aki International Climate Summit held at the Turtle Lodge in June. In particular, Call to Action #10 highlights the importance of building alliances between keepers of both Indigenous knowledge and scientific knowledge, in a way that equally values their respective contributions to understanding the challenges and opportunities of our time.

Roundtable Speakers:

Knowledge Keepers 

  • Dave Courchene, Sagkeeng First Nation (Anishinabe Nation) 
  • Florence Paynter, Sandy Bay First Nation (Anishinabe Nation)
  • Miles Richardson, Haida Gwaii (Haida Nation)
  • Stephen Kakfwi, Former President of the Dene Nation and Premier of NWT
  • Morris Little Wolf, Blackfoot (Piikani) Nation
  • Betty Ann Little Wolf, Blackfoot (Piikani) Nation
  • Harry Bone, Keeseekoowenin First Nation (Anishinabe Nation)
  • Chief Jack Caesar, Ross River Dene Nation
  • AJ Felix, Sturgeon Lake First Nation (Cree Nation)
  • Chief Darrell Bob, Xaxli’p Community (St’at’imc Nation)
  • Inka Antaurko


  • Dr. David Suzuki
  • Dr. Ian Mauro, University of Winnipeg
  • Dr. Megan Bailey, Dalhousie University 
  • Dr. Nancy Turner, University of Victoria 
  • Pauline Gerrard, International Institute for Sustainable Development
  • Vince Palace, International Institute for Sustainable Development
  • Dr. Heidi Swanson, University of Waterloo
  • Dr. Gleb Raygorodetsky, Government of Alberta 
  • Hanne Strong, Manitou Institute 

By registration only.

Limited seating is available, with priority seating offered to youth.  Please email to register.

Suggested Readings

Suggested readings have been provided by and for Knowledge Keepers and Scientists, as well as interested observers, to review before the gathering.  These readings are optional to review before attending, including for Speakers.

Planning Your Trip

The Turtle Lodge is located a 1 ½ hour drive north of Winnipeg airport.  We advise attendees to rent a car or share a ride with others attending.  We have arranged a Turtle Lodge Conference Rate at the Papertown Motor Inn, located a 15 minute drive from the Turtle Lodge.

Travel, directions and accommodation information are at:

As we have very limited funds for this gathering, we would ask you to make a donation of your choice to support your meals and attendance, if possible.  Click here to make a donation.

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Outcomes of the Gathering:

Turtle Lodge Declaration

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Agenda – Sept 9-12th


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