11th Annual Igniting the Fire Gathering (Focus: ONJISAY AKI) – Turtle Lodge and Manitou Api, September 16-19, 2016

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11th Annual Igniting the Fire Gathering


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The Youth will come together with the Knowledge Keepers of our Nations to discuss issues of Climate Change. thumb_IMG_0149_1024 4
What is Onjisay-Aki?
What is the Igniting the Fire Gathering?
around the fireThe Turtle Lodge is responsible for initiating Igniting the Fire – The Sacred Gathering, an annual gathering of Grandmothers/Elders, Youth, Adults, Parents, Students, Educators and Researchers, led by indigenous people and open to people of all cultures and backgrounds.

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Igniting the Fire – The Sacred Gathering has been held annually at the Turtle Lodge and in the sacred site of Manitou Api in the Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba, Canada. At this gathering, nations gather the way our ancestors did since time immemorial on our sacred sites, to share knowledge, medicines, ceremonies and prophecies. It is a gathering where our Grandmothers/Elders transfer their knowledge to youth and adults, following the protocol of our old ways. The 1st Annual Igniting the Fire gathering was held in 2006, with 350 people attending. In 2007, numbers rose to over 1000. Several documentaries and films have been produced based on the gathering, including The 8th Fire (see www.the8thfire.org). People of all cultures are welcome to attend Igniting the Fire – The Sacred Gathering, to hear Elder’s teachings, traditional drums, share in traditional feasts, and participate in ceremony at the sacred site. Admission is by donation. Participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation. Food vendors are available on site.

Info on Gathering

The Gathering starts daily at 9 am, and runs all day.  There will be daily Potluck Feasts at noon (Please bring a dish to share, and your own plate, cup, utensils, chair).  There will be Evening Healing Ceremonies September 8, 9 and 10 – all are welcome. This year’s Igniting the Fire Gathering will focus on bringing Youth and Knowledge Keepers together for Onjisay Aki – “The Earth is Changing”. We will be making a one-day trip to the sacred site of Manitou Api located at the geographical centre of the continent, inside Manitoba’s Whiteshell Provincial Park at Bannock Point, on September 19, 2016..


At the Turtle Lodge in the Sagkeeng First Nation in southeastern Manitoba: a place built from a vision, with volunteer assistance and which is completely independent from outside organizations, associations and funding. Camping is available on site – Camp Day September 15 – and hotels are available nearby. Showers will be available at selected times at the Sagkeeng First Nation Arena.  http://www.turtlelodge.org/about/

Directions and Accommodation Info

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Please bring a donation of your choosing to the Summit to help cover our costs of hosting.  Your donation would go toward Feasts, bringing in Knowledge Keepers, tobacco, drum group, toilet rental and firewood. To help support the Gathering, we will be having a Onjisay-Aki Mall on site where you will be able to purchase small items, necessities and souvenirs!  Please bring donated items to contribute to the Onjisay-Aki Mall – new or gently used from your home or garage – one person’s trash is another person’s treasure :).


One Potluck Lunch Feast will take place daily – please bring food to share.  A vendor will be available on site for other meals.


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What To Bring

  1. Potluck Feast and Full Moon Ceremony September 16 – Please bring a prepared dish to share for supper, yellow cloth and tobacco for the ceremony.
  2. Women are invited to wear long skirts for the ceremonies.
  3. Please bring a small container of water from your local lake, river or ocean to contribute to the water ceremony.
  4. A donated item (new or used) for the Onjisay-Aki Mall and a donation to the Summit.
  5. Optional – Tobacco (loose tobacco is fine), your sacred bundle if you have one, and cloth for your offerings.
  6. Your own cutlery, plate and cup (there will be some available for sale at the Onjisay-Aki Mall).
  7. Camping gear, toilet paper.
  8. A donation for the Gathering to help support our costs.
  9. Sweat lodge gear – nightgown/long skirt for women, shorts for men; a towel.
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