Ogitchitakwewak Gathering – Grandmothers’ & Women’s Gathering, June 28 and 29

Dec 20 Gathering 033Turtle Lodge, Sagkeeng First Nation, Manitoba, Canada

June 28 (9 am to 4 pm) and 29 (9 am to 12 pm), 2014

Since December 2013, Grandmothers and Women have been coming together with support from the Men to express their voices and initiate discussions on their roles as Ogitchitakweg. The Ogitchitakweg issued a Statement (shown below) that affirms their Sacred Duty and commitment to action that will restore balance to what has been unbalanced. The Ogitchitaweg are being invited to continue these discussions on June 28 and 29, 2014 at the Turtle Lodge in Sagkeeng First Nation, Manitoba. Other Elders, Men, and Knowledge Keepers are welcome to attend.  This meeting will be in partnership with the Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC), and some questions will be presented to the Grandmothers for their consideration.

Invitation from the Turtle Lodge

Young girls, mothers, aunties, other Grandmothers are welcome to gather and listen to the Grandmothers at the Turtle Lodge.  Men are invited to come support the Gathering by listening; keeping the sacred fire burning.  Open to All. As the voice of Mother Earth, the Grandmothers have teachings that can help correct overwhelming issues facing our communities, & society.  We are in need of the Grandmothers’ direction more than ever.


At the Turtle Lodge in the Sagkeeng First Nation in southeastern Manitoba: a place built from a vision, with volunteer assistance and which is completely independent from outside organizations, associations and funding Camping is available on site and hotels are available nearby.  http://www.turtlelodge.org/about/


Communities are invited to sponsor a Young Woman, Mother or Grandmother’s expenses.  Please bring a dish to share at the Potluck Feasts each noontime, tobacco and a donation of your choice to contribute to the gathering.



Ogichitakwewak Kakikaynan

We, Ogichitakweg (mothers, daughters, aunties, and grandmothers inclusive), are affirming our Sacred Duty to uphold our traditional teachings, ways of knowing, including Abinooji Kakikwaywin – teachings that are given to a child that last forever, and can only be given by Ogichitakweg. We, Ogichitakweg, declare that our people have reached the time of spiritual awakening. We, as Mothers, Life Givers, Cultural Bearers, Traditional Teachers, Leadership Protectors, nurture the transfer of knowledge across generations, thus we are an integral part of achieving continuity and positive change for our people. The essence of all Creation comes from the land; thus, we must ensure the utmost efforts occur to preserve our natural environments including all elements of life: water, fire, air, and the land, in order to protect the Spirit of the Mother Earth. We are the roots of this land, we have the responsibility to create a place for all people to be honoured and respected. Today, the people are experiencing confusion in applying indigenous world views in modern society. We, Ogichitakweg, assert the importance of upholding the relevance of our culture and language to achieve respect for Mother Earth as well as the people, animals, land, and water. We have reached a time of action. As the Ogichitakweg, we will continue our role in teaching our children and those yet to come. As Ogichitakweg we are offering support, guidance and protection for our Men. Leadership is based on a spiritual relationship. This spiritual relationship is nurtured through the role of the Ogichitakweg. Therefore, Ogichitakweg assert their responsibility to guide the selected leaders who accept the responsibility to inspire their people and advance their communities. The Ogichitakwewak Kakikaynan is supported by the Ogichitakweg in attendance at the Turtle Lodge at Sagkeeng First Nation on December 21, 2013.
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