Igniting the Fire 2014 – Traditional Parenting

Annual Igniting the Fire Gathering – at Turtle Lodge September 8 to 11, 2014

This year’s Igniting the Fire Gathering will focus on Traditional Parenting.

It will coincide with the Ogimakamik Lodge taking place during the Days of September 8-11, and the September 8 Full Moon Ceremony (Waatebagaawe-Giizis – Leaves of Colour Moon). We will be making a pilgrimage to the Manitou Sacred Site during the day of September 9.

Invitation from the Turtle Lodge

Given what is happening in the Child Welfare system, there is a need to bring back the original instructions on our duties and responsibilities in taking care of a Child.  The ancestral ways have always offered proper direction and teachings that ensured a strong family, where the Child was always centred in the Community, Family and Nation.

Poster and information can be downloaded below.  around the fireThe Turtle Lodge is responsible for initiating Igniting the Fire – The Sacred Gathering, an annual gathering of Grandmothers/Elders, Youth, Adults, Parents, Students, Educators and Researchers, led by indigenous people and open to people of all cultures and backgrounds.

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Igniting the Fire – The Sacred Gathering has been held annually in the sacred site of Manitou Api in the Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba, Canada. At this gathering, nations gather the way our ancestors did since time immemorial on our sacred sites, to share knowledge, medicines, ceremonies and prophecies. It is a gathering where our Grandmothers/Elders transfer their knowledge to youth and adults, following the protocol of our old ways. The 1st Annual Igniting the Fire gathering was held in 2006, with 350 people attending. In 2007, numbers rose to over 1000. Several documentaries and films have been produced based on the gathering, including The 8th Fire (see www.the8thfire.org).

People of all cultures are welcome to attend Igniting the Fire – The Sacred Gathering, to hear Elder’s teachings, traditional drums, share in traditional feasts, and participate in ceremony at the sacred site. Admission is by donation. Participants are responsible for their own travel and accommodation. Food vendors are available on site.

Igniting the Fire 2014 – Traditional Parenting

Focus of Gathering

  • The Grandmothers and Elders sharing knowledge as they teach and revitalize their rightful place as the teachers and those who offer guidance to the communities
  • Parents and Youth come to learn traditional ways of parenting and relationships

Overall Activities

  • Knowledge Transfer – know your history
  • Ceremony
  • Healing every evening, and day sessions
  • Daily teachings – holistic, empowering, hands on
  • Empowerment Approach

Teachings Identified

  • Compassionate Communication
  • How to discipline children
  • How to use language to teach values
  • How teens can talk to parents
  • How parents can listen to their children
  • Sex Education
  • Problem Solving (based on practical day-to-day decision and also crisis management)
  • Teach about medicines and plants – how they can help in raising children
  • Teachings through sewing
  • Teachings through gardening and medicine picking
  • Caring for newborns – ceremonies, practices
  • Caring for youth – how to have fun with your kids
  • Understanding the difference between spiritual connection and intimacy with others
  • Traditional visiting and rebuilding family relationships
  • Returning children to the centre of our lives
  • Managing the negative influences of technology
  • Mother and Father Working Together
  • Respecting the Role of Kokooms & Moshooms
  • Intergenerational Impacts of Child Welfare
  • Balancing Healthy Socialization and Parenting

The Ogimakamik


At the Turtle Lodge in the Sagkeeng First Nation in southeastern Manitoba: a place built from a vision, with volunteer assistance and which is completely independent from outside organizations, associations and funding Camping is available on site and hotels are available nearby. http://www.turtlelodge.org/about/


Communities are invited to sponsor a Youth or Grandmother/Elder’s expenses. Please bring a dish to share at the Potluck Feasts each noontime, tobacco and a donation to contribute to the gathering.  (This Gathering is being organized by Volunteers and operating through donations.)



What To Bring

  • All are invited to bring their sacred bundles, tobacco, yellow cloth for the Full Moon Ceremony, prepared dishes for the Potluck Feasts, and a donation for the gathering.


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