Evening Ceremonies in Ogijida Lodge to honour the Thunderbirds – June 9 to 10, 2017

We will be honouring the spirit of the Thunderbirds.  Dancers may fast if they choose.  Dates:  Dancing/ceremony each evening from 7 pm till 11 or 12 pm, June 9 and 10, 2017. Location:  The Ogijida Lodge is an outdoor lodge just beside the Turtle Lodge in Sagkeeng First Nation, Manitoba.  Directions Here. Camping:  Camping outside Turtle Lodge (men, boys and women, girls).  No camping inside the Turtle Lodge for this ceremony.  Campers may stay in one of the tipis we have on site.  Please clean up after yourself. Bring:  Tobacco, sacred bundles, plate, cup, bowl, utensils, camping gear, sweat lodge gear. Potluck Feasts:  Each evening at 6 pm – please bring a dish to share as well as your own plate, cup, cutlery, etc. For more information and ceremony protocols, please click here. Cell phones will not be permitted inside the Lodge.
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