Celebration of Giving (2010)


What is the Celebration of Giving?

The Turtle Lodge has initiated an annual event that celebrates the important act of giving to the community.  This event is called A Celebration of Giving. Every year, on the day before American Thanksgiving, people are encouraged to experience fasting for one day, and to Give themselves in Service to others or the Earth in some way. By fasting, we are celebrating the value of giving, and appreciation for what the land has provided, by not taking from the Earth for one day. Those fasting are being encouraged to get sponsored to fast for the valued amount of food not being eaten that day, with all proceeds or food being donated to an initiative of their choice. We are supporting youth aged 12 and over to go on a 24-hour fast, refraining from food, in support of the Celebration of Giving.  Those who are fasting may take a limited amount of water during this time.  Younger children may show their support by Giving themselves in Service in other ways. For thousands of years, many cultures around the world fasted for purification, to give of themselves for the greater good, and for spiritual reasons.  More and more people today are again realizing the benefits of fasting. We will be celebrating the Celebration of Giving at the Turtle Lodge on November 21, 2010 with a Potluck Feast and Fundraiser for Makoose Ka Win and the Vision Quest. CBG2010
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