A Summary Presentation of WAHBANUNG – The Resurgence of a People: Clearing the Path for our Survival

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In 1971, our leaders released Wahbung (Our Tomorrows). It became a founding document to lead us out of oppression. In 2018, Assembly of Manitoba Chiefs (AMC) Grand Chief Dumas passed tobacco to Elders and Knowledge Keepers at the Turtle Lodge to develop a position for today. On March 19, 2020, the Elders and Grandmothers will be providing a collective unified message in their Summary Presentation of “Wahbanung – The Resurgence of a People: Clearing the Path for our Survival”. The root word of “Wahbung” is “Wahbanung” – the east, where the sun rises. It refers to “Going Back to the Beginning” in Anishinaabemowin. Wahbanung shares a path for the People back to our beginning, to lead us out of the darkness. We will be having a Traditional Giveaway on March 19 for the Wahbanung release. All are asked to bring a gift to share in the giveaway. We will kindly accept everyone’s gifts and share them with all the participants during the Traditional Giveaway Ceremony. We look forward to seeing you there ❤️ **** UPDATE MARCH 15, 2020: The Elders met today at Turtle Lodge to do a ceremony of blessing of “Wahbanung – The Resurgence of a People: Clearing the Path for our Survival”. Based on direction received from the Elders, we will be going ahead on Thursday March 19 with the public presentation of the Summary of Wahbanung, on the eve of the spring equinox. The Elders feel it is imperative for them to share a message of leadership with the People.
A special ceremony to protect us from the current coronavirus threat will also be provided by Cree Elder AJ Felix from Saskatchewan, along with traditional medicines. All are welcome to join us at the Turtle Lodge on Thursday March 19. Please rsvp to turtlelodge@mts.net.
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