A Return of Our Families to Mide-Aki (Kind-Hearted Mother Earth), May 21-24, 2016

May Gathering Ruff 2
Turtle Lodge Presents… In Partnership with Brokenhead Ojibway Nation, Treaty Land Entitlement Committee of Manitoba, Roseau River First Nation, Anishinabe Abinooji Child & Family Services & Kenora Chiefs Advisory
A RETURN OF OUR FAMILIES TO MIDE-AKI (KIND-HEARTED MOTHER EARTH) ~ A Gathering at the Sacred Site of Manito Api, Bannock Point, Whiteshell Provincial Park, Central Canada ~ MAY 21-24, 2016
A Message was received from the Original Woman, Mide-Aki – Kind-Hearted Mother Earth. Her Message: I am Mide-Aki – Mother Earth – the Original Woman. Bring the children with the family back to me. The time is now to heal the heart.

Who is Invited

All People are Invited to Join Us!  We invite Bundle Carriers, Elders, Grandmothers, Adults, Youth, Children, Researchers, Students, Community Organizations, Band Councils, Environmental Groups, Child and Family Service Organizations, Media and any interested and respectful members of the Public. School groups are welcome!  Children in care are encouraged to attend with their biological families.  We are prepared to offer participation certificates to parents who are sincere about fully participating with their children, to support the return of children to their original families.  All youth under 18 must be chaperoned and are expected to conduct themselves with respect at the sacred site.


Manito Api Sacred Site  at Bannock Point – Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba, Central Canada Directions to Manito Api Accommodations near Manitou Api We advise those attending to pre-book cabins and campsites soon, as resorts in the area are already booking up for the May long weekend. This will be a drug-free and alcohol-free gathering.


Please bring a donation and gift for the Gathering Lodge.  Volunteers are encouraged to come up to 4 days before the Gathering to help with preparations.  Email turtlelodge@mts.net for more information.

How to Register

There will be a team of volunteers at the site to meet you upon your arrival.  For more Information, contact the Turtle Lodge at turtlelodge@mts.net.


Coinciding with Girls’ and Boys’ Rites of Passage – (Begin May 20) Day 1:  Saturday May 21 Sunrise Ceremony Saturday May 21 only A Special Ceremony of Connection, Protection & Name-Giving for the Children Youth Speak Elders Share Rites of Passage for the Young People Grandmothers Share Songs on Water Drum A Waabigoowene-Debiki Giizis (Flower Moon) Full Moon Ceremony Day 2: Sunday May 22 Establishing Responsibilities & Protocols of Taking Care of Sacred Site Community Discussion over Brokenhead Ojibway Nation’s TLE (Treaty Land Entitlement) Selection of Manitou Api Sacred Site Day 3: Monday May 23 Let the Parents Speak The Elders will share the Duties and Responsibilities of being a Parent Day 4: Tuesday May 24 Honouring the Ceremonial Knowledge Keepers & the Lodge-Keepers of our Nations Feast & Giveaway


Our Duties & Responsibilities to Take Care of Our Sacred Sites – We have a duty and responsibility to take care of our sacred sites.  In keeping with the spirit of our ancestors, and how they gathered around the sacred fires to discuss concerns and issues that affected the life of our nation, we will discuss and come to terms with how to take care of our sacred site of Manito Api around the sacred fires, following the protocols that reflect the duties and responsibilities that our ancestors left us with. Communities are invited to come and hear, discuss and give their perspectives on Brokenhead Ojibway Nation’s proposal to claim the land under TLE (Treaty Land Entitlement). THIS WILL HAPPEN DAY 2 – May 22.


Honouring the Clans – There will be a time for those who know their clans to step forward and stand with their distinctive clans as honour songs are sung.


Makoose Ka Win and Vision Quest Rites of Passage for youth to adulthood will be taking place concurrently at Manito Api from May 20-24, 2016.  There will be teachers – Grandmothers and Elders who will conduct ceremonies and share teachings on the rites of passage.  Young boys will be able to do their Vision Quest privately in the surrounding area of the sacred site.  They will be welcomed back into the Gathering Lodge for the Feast and Giveaway on May 24, where they will be honoured.  The young girls will receive their Makoose Ka Win teachings in the tipis from the Grandmothers, participate in special ceremonies, as well as participate in the larger gathering.  Youth and their mentors participating in the rites of passage are asked to contact turtlelodge@mts.net to provide your name and before May 15, and to arrive in the early afternoon May 20, as the rites of passage will begin the day before the Mide-Aki Gathering.  More information is provided here: Makoose Ka Win Girls’ Rites of Passage to Womanhood Vision Quest Boys’ Rites of Passage to Manhood
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