8th Annual Igniting the Fire Gathering

8th Annual Igniting the Fire Gathering


A Six Day Gathering: Sept 19-24, 2013 ~ Turtle Lodge, Sagkeeng First Nation, Manitoba

Day 1-4 (Sept 19-22): Ancestor’s Dance & Ceremony

Day 5-6 (Sept 23-24): Discussion to bring Ceremonial Direction into Action

  For this 8th year of the Igniting the Fire gathering, Gathering founder and facilitator Dave Courchene (Nii Gaani Aki Inini – Leading Earth Man), Anishnabe Nation, Eagle Clan, has received a Vision:    “Long ago, our ancestors depended on Spirit to ensure proper direction ~ This was always done through ceremony ~  I have a vision of our people gathering in the old way, coming together in ceremony to seek guidance and help from our ancestors ~  We have become lost in a world that does not honour and respect spirit or the land, adopting a way of life that has disconnected us from our ancestors ~ There was a time when our people relied & depended upon the spirit of the ancestors to guide and direct the peoples ~ In the past the people never overstepped the gifts that invoked the spirit ~ We relied on ceremonies, led by the elders and the faith holders ~ We  need to return to our old ways to ensure we will survive. “   “I make a call to all those who wish to participate in ceremony  ~ The ceremony will last 4 nights ~ After the 4 nights of ceremony & dancing, we will gather and discuss our future as a people and a plan of action with a unified voice that will be generated by the spirit ~ We cannot overstep our ancestors as we look for direction & guidance ~ Once we’ve honoured the spirit properly, I am sure our direction will come ~ To do anything less we would only continue to remain lost in the midst of a world that is disconnected from spirit & the land! Let us show the world who we are & what we can contribute!”  

INVITATION FROM THE TURTLE LODGE: To the Elders, Bundle carriers, Oral historians & Traditional knowledge keepers – To gather at the Turtle Lodge, & bring your songs, your dances and your ceremonies that honour the spirit of the ancestors.   To the Youth – To come and give of yourself to dance for four nights by the 8 Sacred Fires that will be lit in the lodge – for the people.   To our Leaders – To come & actively participate.  Come and show your support, by bringing some youth and yourselves for the full duration of the ceremony. Open to All!   LOCATION:  At the Turtle Lodge in the Sagkeeng First Nation in southeastern Manitoba: a place built from a vision, with volunteer assistance, completely independent from outside organizations, associations and funding. Camping available on site & hotels are available nearby. Location & directions at http://theturtlelodge.org/visit.html. During the 4-day ceremony a sacred journey to the sacred site of Manitou Api will be made.   COST:  Individuals will be responsible for their own travel and accommodation expenses.  Visitors are welcome to camp on site  Communities & organizations are invited to sponsor an Elder’s expenses.  Bring food, chairs, tobacco and a donation of your choice to contribute to the gathering!   POTLUCK FEASTS:  September 19 (5 pm), September 22 (9 pm) and September 24 (noon) at Turtle Lodge   CONTACT:  More info at www.theturtlelodge.org.  Contact turtlelodge@mts.net!
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