Onjisay-Aki Youth Climate Summit – Turtle Lodge, September 16-19, 2016 (Camp Day Sept 15)

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Invitation from the Turtle Lodge

Onjisay-Aki Youth Climate Summit
As Indigenous People, the Turtle Lodge is leading a Youth Summit on Climate Change, one that connects Indigenous and non-Indigenous Youth with Knowledge Keepers, and brings out knowledge of living in balance with nature’s laws. Learn more about the Indigenous protocols and teachings on making an alliance with the Earth.  Experience this alliance for yourself. This gathering is open to all people of all cultures.  No prior knowledge of Indigenous customs is required – cultural protocols and teachings will be explained at the Summit.
What is Onjisay-Aki?


At the Turtle Lodge in the Sagkeeng First Nation in southeastern Manitoba: a place built from a vision, with volunteer assistance and which is completely independent from outside organizations, associations and funding. Camping is available on site – Camp Day September 15 – and hotels are available nearby. Showers will be available at selected times at the Sagkeeng First Nation Arena.  http://www.turtlelodge.org/about/


Download Registration Form – Onjisay Aki or Click here to Register online


Please bring a donation of your choosing to the Summit to help cover our costs of hosting.  Your donation would go toward Feasts, bringing in Knowledge Keepers, tobacco, drum group, toilet rental and firewood. To help support the Summit, we will be having a Onjisay-Aki Mall on site where you will be able to purchase small items, necessities and souvenirs!  Please bring donated items to contribute to the Onjisay-Aki Mall – new or gently used from your home or garage – yard sale styles :).


One free Lunch Feast will be provided daily.  A vendor will be available on site for other meals.

Agenda (Subject to change)

PRINT Onjisay-Aki Agenda SEPTEMBER 15, 2016 Arrival and Camp Day Food Vendor available onsite at suppertime. SEPTEMBER 16, 2016 7:30-9 am  Breakfast (Food Vendor on Site) 8-9 am        Registration 9 am-12 noon Welcome by Chief Derrick Henderson, Sagkeeng First Nation Opening Remarks by Co-Chair Dave Courchene- Purpose & Vision of the Gathering (Youth and Climate Change) Explanation of Sacred Fire and Making Tobacco Offerings Pipe Ceremony, Water Ceremony, Sacred Songs on the Drum, Special Song by Knowledge Keeper Hazel Copenace (Mide Lodge) Opening Remarks by Co-Chair Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie (Youth Perspective on Climate Change and Working with the Elders) Knowledge Keeper Josephine Mandamin – Explanation and Preparation of Water Basket Offering Youth Introductions & Sharing Circle 12 noon       Lunch (Provided) 1-4:30 pm   Drum Call Icebreaker – David Courchene III, Anishnabe Nation Youth Introductions & Sharing Circle Knowledge Keeper Katherine Whitecloud, Dakota Grandmother Knowledge Keeper Mark Hall, Dakota Nation – Tipi Teachings, Sweat Lodge Teachings Knowledge Keeper Florence Paynter 4:30 – 6:30  Break and Supper – Food Vendor on Site 7-9 pm          Full Moon Ceremony SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 17, 2016 7:30 -9 am  Breakfast (Food Vendor on Site) 9 am – 12     Pipe Ceremony, Water Ceremony, Tobacco Offerings, Sacred Songs on Drum Knowledge Keeper Vincent Steinhauer, Nehetho Nation Knowledge Keeper David Courchene – Traditional Initiatives (e.g. Moose Camp, Fish Camp, Language, etc.) – Northern Lake Superior Icebreaker – David Courchene III Leave for Bush to get Materials to make Sweats, Water Ceremonial Baskets, Cedar 12 noon       Lunch (Provided) 1-4:30 pm  Preparing Water Basket Offerings Setting up Tipi and Sweat Lodge Water Ceremony with Grandmother Josephine Mandamin 4:30-6:30  Break and Supper (Food Vendor on Site) 7 pm             Sweat Lodges SUNDAY SEPTEMBER 18, 2016 7:30 -9 am  Breakfast (Food Vendor on Site) 9 am – 12     Pipe Ceremony, Water Ceremony, Tobacco Offerings, Sacred Songs on Drum Facilitated Engagement with Youth & Knowledge Keepers – How do we engage with the issue of Climate Change, and reflect our Indigenous leadership? Explanation of Cloth Offerings to be taken to sacred site 12 noon       Lunch (Provided) 1 pm              Depart for Sacred Site 2:30 pm      Arrival at Sacred Site Making the Offerings at Sacred Site 4 pm            Depart Sacred Site 5:30 pm     Arrive back at Turtle Lodge 5:30-7 pm Supper (Food Vendor on site) 7 pm            Mikinay – Trail of the Turtle Film by Cree Filmmaker Erica Daniels MONDAY SEPTEMBER 19, 2016 7:30 -9 am  Breakfast (Food Vendor on Site) 9 am – 12     Pipe Ceremony, Water Ceremony, Tobacco Offerings, Sacred Songs on Drum Facilitation by Co-Chair Sadie-Phoenix Lavoie – Where do we go from here?  How do we strengthen our relationship? Knowledge Keeper Katherine Whitecloud Co-Chair Dave Courchene – Explanation of Upcoming Events and Initiatives (National Guardianship Gathering, Ottawa in October, International Onjisay-Aki Gathering in June, Rites of Passage in May) Development of Action Items Youth and Knowledge Keeper Discussion 12 noon          Final Feast (provided) – Please bring a dish to contribute 1-4 pm Ongoing Development of Action Items Youth and Knowledge Keeper Discussion Giveaway  

What To Bring

  1. Full Moon Ceremony September 16 – Please bring yellow cloth and tobacco for the ceremony.
  2. Women are invited to wear long skirts for the ceremonies.
  3. Please bring a small container of water from your local lake, river or ocean to contribute to the water ceremony.
  4. A donated item (new or used) for the Onjisay-Aki Mall and a donation to the Summit.
  5. Optional – Tobacco (loose tobacco is fine), your sacred bundle if you have one, and cloth for your offerings.
  6. Your own cutlery, plate and cup (there will be some available for sale at the Onjisay-Aki Mall).
  7. Camping gear, toilet paper.
  8. Sweat lodge gear – nightgown/long skirt for women, shorts for men; a towel.
Welcome back to the Turtle Lodge!
If you have trouble signing in, please send an email to turtlelodge@mts.net.