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Grandmother Teachings and Coming of Age Ceremonies

Grandmother Teachings on Coming of Age Ceremonies are conducted each spring at the Turtle Lodge by the grandmothers, who provide teachings of how to honour and carry oneself as a Woman. Any female can participate. Each year we encourage young women to spend time learning the sacredness of Woman by participation in the Grandmother Teachings […]

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Celebration of Giving

What is the Celebration of Giving? The Turtle Lodge has initiated an annual event that celebrates the important act of giving to the community. This event is called A Celebration of Giving. Every year, on the day before American Thanksgiving, people are encouraged to experience fasting for one day, and to Give themselves in Service […]

Igniting the Fire

The Turtle Lodge is responsible for initiating Igniting the Fire – The Sacred Gathering, an annual gathering of Elders, Youth, Adults, Parents, Students, Educators and Researchers, led by indigenous people and open to people of all cultures and backgrounds. Igniting the Fire – The Sacred Gathering has been held annually in the sacred site of […]

Vision Quest

The Vision Quest is a rite of passage conducted each spring that enables men and adolescent boys to engage in an ancient ceremony, assisting them in the transition from one life stage to the next, with purpose and meaning. It is true that all men must be initiated by Woman to understand life’s sacredness. And so […]

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