Makoose Ka Win


Makoose Ka Win are rites of passage that are conducted each spring at the Turtle Lodge by the grandmothers, who provide teachings of how to honour and carry oneself as a Woman.

Any female can participate. Each year we encourage young women to spend time learning the sacredness of Woman by participation in the Makoose Ka Win. It is time for Women to claim and embrace their rightful positions of honour and responsibility in walking with and leading all people — men, women & children, back to our sacred way of life.

When is the next Makoose Ka Win?

May 20-25, 2016  The May 2016 Makoose Ka Win will take place alongside the “A Return of Our Families to Mide-Aki (Kind-Hearted Mother Earth) Gathering,” taking place from May 21-25 at the sacred site of

Where is the next Makoose Ka Win?


Manito Api Sacred Site  at Bannock Point – Whiteshell Provincial Park, Manitoba, Central Canada

Directions to Manito Api

All women and their mentors are expected to camp and stay onsite for the duration of the rites of passage.

Interested in participating in the next Makoose Ka Win?

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