Indigenous Knowledge Teachings

The Turtle Lodge offers Indigenous Knowledge Workshops which share a traditional perspective.


The workshops can be designed to accommodate the unique needs of groups, and could be made available to anyone who wants to know more about First Nations people and our perspectives. These awareness workshops are offered by traditional Knowledge Keepers who are fluent in their original languages, connected to the communities, and grounded in the ceremonial traditions of the people.

Examples of opportunities offered might include:

  • Increased awareness of First Nations perspectives.
  • Building bridges and strengthening relationships with First Nations people and communities.
  • Traditional First Nations teachings, which are about our relationship to each other and the land, and which inspire us to treat each other and the land in a respectful way.
  • Experiencing traditional First Nations ceremonies for healing, sharing and personal growth.
  • The environmental crisis and indigenous knowledge that can lay a foundation for greater awareness of our connection to the sacredness of the land.


The experience of this workshop has been an enlightenment of the culture and past experience of the First Nations people. The ceremonial songs and their traditional ways have been shown to be a large part of the identity of its people. I feel that the speeches of the elders and facilitator were given at a very personable level which made it more than a ”workshop”. This has been a very positive environment and would highly recommend it to others.
Indian and Northern Affairs Canada Staff

I am very honoured to have been a part of these last two days. I learnt a lot about the culture and the history of Aboriginal people. I plan on passing this information on to my children to help them be better people and to better understand different cultures. I want to be able to bring them out here sometime so they can experience some of the culture themselves. I know these two days have helped me be a better person. Thank you.
INAC Staff

As a government employee, I would very much recommend this experience to anyone in the government and to everyone in general. In fact, I would say that everyone in Indian Affairs should travel here and learn what is being taught. Not just people who work in lower levels, but all the way to the minister himself, should come to the Turtle Lodge.
INAC Staff

Creator gave us many things that can provide a foundation for life. The Drum is still here and the Pipe. The medicine and the laws. The land is still here. If we use these things we will be well.
Kitty Everson, Elder, Lac Seul First Nation
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