Anishinaabemowin Language Video Series

The Turtle Lodge International Centre for Indigenous Education and Wellness is pleased to present the Anishinaabemowin Language Video Series, that offers an exciting introduction from respected Knowledge Keepers to the original language of our Anishinaabe ancestors.

In these six videos, you will learn a prayer, shared by Knowledge Keepers Florence Paynter and Robert Maytwayashing, that we learned with the Knowledge Keepers at the Turtle Lodge. Please feel free to use this prayer – it is a beautiful first step in making a connection with the spirit. You will learn the Nibi Water song, as received in a dream by Grandmother Mary Maytwayashing, as well as the Anishinaabe Prophecy Song, received in the Mide Lodge and shared by Cree Knowledge Keeper, Philip Paynter. You will learn the four levels of language, as shared by Knowledge Keeper, Dr. Harry Bone. You will hear Grandmother Florence Paynter share about the importance of learning one’s original language. Last but not least, you will learn importance of understanding identity through language, as shared by the late Knowledge Keeper, Dr. Dave Courchene.

This video series was produced at the Turtle Lodge by Kejic Productions, with production assistance by Rennervate Pictures, with the help of a grant from Canadian Heritage. The series has been translated into French. The subtitled video series and full transcripts in English and French are provided in the links below, in a format accessible not only for Indigenous People, but for all Canadians. We have also shared some interesting links about the Turtle Lodge language model for your interest. We hope you will enjoy the series!

Episode 1: Learning an Anishinaabemowin Prayer

Knowledge Keepers Florence Paynter and Robert Maytwayashing

Episode 2: The Anishinaabe Prophecy Song

Knowledge Keeper Philip Paynter

Episode 3: Nibi Water Song and Teachings

Grandmothers Mary Maytwayashing and Florence Paynter

Episode 4: The Four Levels of Anishinaabemowin Language

Elder Dr. Harry Bone

Episode 5: The Importance of Speaking our Original Language

Grandmother Florence Paynter

Episode 6: The Importance of Language and Identity

The Late Elder Dr. Dave Courchene

Click here to view the French versions!
Click here to hear the Nibi Water Song!
Click here to see the Anishinaabemowin prayer we learned with the Knowledge Keepers at the Turtle Lodge!
Click here to see the Cree (Ininimowin) prayer we learned with Cree Knowledge Keepers at the Turtle Lodge!
Click here to learn some words in the Anishinaabemowin and Ininimowin (Cree) languages.
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