Abinoojii Kagekwewin

“Education and teachings that are given by Mother Earth, grandmothers, mothers, and women; for the children, that last forever.”

A goal of the Turtle Lodge is to promote the law of Abinooji Kagekwewin.

The Elders say: “We have arrived in a time of great change and opportunity.”  At the Turtle Lodge, we want to seize upon this time of change and create an opportunity for youth to receive the ancient Indigenous knowledge that strengthens the character towards greater responsibility in fulfilling their dreams and visions of their future.

In 2008, Elder Clifford Skead from the Treaty 3 Anishnabe territory received a Law in ceremony to help the people. This Law is named Abinoojii Kagekwewin. The meaning of this Law, roughly translated, is: “Teachings for the children, which last forever, which are related to our way of life, that come through the ceremonies that are given by Woman and which thus reflect our relationship to our Mother Earth.”

The Elders have continually encouraged reclaiming Indigenous knowledge and our way of life for the survival and well-being of all Peoples. We have protocols that ensure a way of life is followed and balance is kept. First and foremost is the protection of the rights of all children. All children have the right to food, water, medicines, clothing and teachings; they have the right to be loved, and they have the right to be told the truth.

The Turtle Lodge, founded on excellence in Indigenous knowledge, is in a position to educate, support and nurture the youth. It is with this spirit that we wish to develop, with the participation of all, a place that is guided by Indigenous Elders. Indigenous knowledge will be shared with all youth willing to engage in Indigenous land-based education. This education will be based upon Indigenous Original Teachings that nurture connection to the land, and develop an understanding of one’s unique identity. It is identity which defines our gifts, duties and responsibilities.

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