Message of Condolence to the Muslim Community

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A message of Condolence to the Muslim Community from the National Turtle Lodge Council of Elders and Knowledge Keepers.

On behalf of the National Turtle Lodge Council of Elders and Knowledge Keepers, I wish to offer my heartfelt condolences to the Muslim community for the tragic act that took the lives of a family of four and left a nine-year-old boy without any immediate family.

I think of this little boy who will not have his grandmother, mother, father and sister to come back to. How does a child’s mind work through that?

We join you in solidarity in your grief today. The Turtle Lodge has developed a long-lasting relationship with the Muslim community representing mutual respect of our Nations in practising our unique traditions of honouring the Creator and respecting our Mother the Earth through common shared values.

I have been very moved and impressed with the statements coming from the Muslim community, which reflect strong values of compassion, peace and love. Eventually we will reach this point as humanity.

Society can only be changed from within as we carry the essence of truth within our spiritual being. We must never lose faith that there will be peace.

We need to continue to carry that torch of love, compassion and forgiveness and hope that the world might learn from this example.

Each day we are given a purpose to fulfill the will of our Creator. We must continue to strive to fulfill the Creator’s will of love and peace.

In brotherhood, friendship and peace, we offer our love and prayers from our sacred lodges for the healing of all our communities and Peoples.


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    • Dawoud
    • June 11, 2021

    Thank you so much. This is so beautiful and caring. We stand with you, our Indigenous Brothers and Sisters ♥✊

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