Indigenous Knowledge Keepers share at nuclear non-proliferation conference: “Spiritual energy is more powerful than nuclear energy”

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“There is something more powerful than nuclear energy. It’s the human spirit and it’s the spirit in Mother Earth herself, who will teach us and bring us back into balance. They talk about nuclear energy. I am talking a spiritual energy.” — Anishinabe Knowledge Keeper Dave Courchene, as he and Turtle Lodge Knowledge Keepers Katherine Whitecloud, Mary Maytwayashing and the Red Shadow Singers opened the University of Manitoba Conference on Human Dimensions and Perspectives in a Nuclear World: Legal Issues of Non-Proliferation and the Right to Nuclear Energy, October 12 at the Canadian Museum for Human Rights
  “In order to have sacredness in our lives, we have to have peace in our lives, peace in our hearts.” – Mary Maytwayashing, Anishinabe Nation, who conducted the Water Ceremony and sang the Water Song                                                                    “Mother Earth is a source of life, not a resource to be exploited.” “All the knowledge that is brought to you is your responsibility to share.  It does not belong to you – it is to be shared.”                          “Our mother is in control – our Mother the Earth; not man.” – Katherine Whitecloud, Knowledge Keeper of the Dakota Nation “We are the true leaders of our homeland.  That comes with duties and responsibilities that we were to share with the newcomers.  We are to live together with the gifts and uniqueness that can make us stronger as the human family.” – Dave Courchene, Knowledge Keeper of the Anishinabe Nation Red Shadow Singers drum group – From left, Austin Bruyere, Cody Courchene, Rhonda Stevenson, Fallon Ducharme, Austin Hope, Jo Ann Hamrlik, Coco Stevenson, Leah Sinclair Stevenson “To have respect is to be able to share, to be able to give.” Dave Courchene, Anishinabe Nation

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