A Journey from the Mind to the Heart: Indigenous Knowledge Keepers and Scientists Build an Alliance at Turtle Lodge

BY TURTLE LODGE STAFF Original Article published in Cultural Survival “The longest journey we will ever make as human beings is the journey from the mind to the heart,” said Indigenous knowledge keeper, Chief Darrell Bob of the St’at’imc Nation, as he challenged top North American scientists to step outside of their academic framework and enter into […]


Turtle Lodge Declaration (Ratified at Gathering of Indigenous Knowledge Keepers and Scientists, September 2017)

The Turtle Lodge Declaration was written at the Gathering of Indigenous Knowledge Keepers and Scientists at Turtle Lodge from September 9 to 12, 2017, led by Knowledge Keeper Chair Dave Courchene, Scientist Chair David Suzuki and Scientia Chair, Miles Richardson.  It was originally signed by all speakers on the Roundtable, as well as official observers […]

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