Readings on Traditional Knowledge and Science

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These readings have been provided by and for Knowledge Keepers and Scientists in preparation for the Gathering of Knowledge Keepers and Scientists, taking place at the Turtle Lodge on September 9-12, 2017.

The Great Binding Law

Onjisay Aki Calls to Action on Climate

Staying the Course

Best of Two Worlds: Traditional ecological knowledge and Western science in ecosystem-based management

Aboriginal Peoples, Justice and the Law – Sinclair

Nehetho Customary Law Principles – Linklater

Calling Creation Into Our Family – McKay

Returning the Gift – Kimmerer

All Teachings Are Correct – Jones

Thou Shalt Honour Earth Mother – Johnston

The Gift of the Stars – Johnston

At the Crossroads: Reconciliation, Renewing Relationships and The Great Binding Law

Thoughts on Turtle Lodge – Mills

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