Indigenous Elders’ Resolution Passed for a National Day of Prayer August 6

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PHOTO:  AFN Regional Chief Isadore Day, who chairs the Chiefs Committee on Health, shakes hands with Dave Courchene at the Chiefs meeting in Ottawa on June 29. SPEAKING FOR PEACE… Elder Dave Courchene from the Turtle Lodge was selected by a National Council of Elders to represent them as holder of a recently commissioned Sacred Pipe that is traveling to the four corners of the country.  On June 29, 2017 he brought a proposal for a interdenominational National Day of Prayer to the Assembly of First Nations Chiefs Committee on Health, which was accepted by unanimous resolution by the Chiefs.
Inspired by the Sacred Pipe, a call is being made for a National Day of Prayer for all Indigenous People and Canadians who follow a faith, to be held August 6 at 9 am local time in churches, mosques, synagogues, lodges and other places of worship across the country. Elder Courchene’s idea of the National Day of Prayer is that people of all religions, denominations and sects pray in their own way for unity, understanding and peaceful resolution of issues affecting Indigenous communities and people. “I am so happy to see a resolution passed in support of the National Day of Prayer,” says Courchene. “The tone of the national conversation has become harsh and divisive. It is only through spirit that we can come together as human beings and work together to bridge our differences and create positive solutions. The power of spirit will unite, not only First Nations, but everyone on Turtle Island.”

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