Giigewigamig First Nation Health Authority honoured by Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority CEO’s Award for Community Leadership

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Elder Burma Bushie stands in front of the Star Blanket that was awarded to her by Ron Van Denakker, CEO of the Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority on October 6, 2016.
The Giigewigamig First Nation Regional Health Authority was honoured last fall by the Interlake-Eastern RHA as the recipient of the CEO’s award for community leadership for its unwavering support and commitment to the traditional healing centre in Pine Falls.
The award was accepted by Elder Burma Bushie of Hollow Water on behalf of Black River, Bloodvein, Hollow Water and Sagkeening First Nations communities who compromise Giigewigamig First Nation RHA. They received a Star Blanket as a symbol of utmost respect and admiration. To receive a Star Blanket indicates that the giver holds the person in very high esteem for their generosity and accomplishments.
The blanket was created especially for the communities that have come together to bring us Giigewigamig. The colours included in the blanket are colours affiliated with each of the communities and the Interlake-Eastern RHA. The star is said to be representative of the morning star that marks the dawning of a new day.
The blanket is a physical reflection of our unity and commitment to working towards a common goal to make Giigewigamig a reality.
Van Denakker identified that planning for the traditional healing centre started 10 years ago and that First Nations partners named it Giigewigamig which means place of healing in Anishinaabe. The authority is composed of representatives from the First Nations communities of Black River, Bloodvein, Hollow Water and Sagkeeng. The authority selected Elder Burma Bushie from Hollow Water First nation to accept the award.
“I’d like to acknowledge Davey Courchene and his brother Gerald for their vision and perseverance in hanging on to that vision,” Bushie said.

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