Film ‘Our Tomorrows, Today: Wahbung 1971’ Premieres in Winnipeg March 30, 2017

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A vision for self-determination.

“Those leaders in the ’60s — they opened the door for us to reclaim our identity as a People.  And now… Wahbung — it has come back again.  And this time we are going to get it right.  Prophecy is being fulfilled. We claim and live our independence now, our ancestors leading the way.”
Dave Courchene Jr. (Nii Gaani Aki Inini – Leading Earth Man)

  WINNIPEG, MARCH 30, 2017 — The world premiere of the film “Our Tomorrows, Today: Wahbung 1971” (Produced by MFNERC: Nicole Magne and David Robertson) took place at the Eckhardt Gramatte Hall at the University of Winnipeg.  A number of witnesses to and writers of the original Wahbung 1971 document, commissioned and released by then Manitoba Indian Brotherhood Grand Chief Dave Courchene Sr. in 1971, were in the film or in attendance at the premiere, including some of the Women of Wahbung – Chief Jean Folster, Janet Fontaine, Verna Kirkness and Jocelyn Bruyere; and Dave Courchene Jr., son of the late Grand Chief Dave Courchene Sr. In the early 1970s, the First Nations people of Manitoba came together to reject Pierre Trudeau’s controversial White Paper written in 1969. From this historic movement came an influential position paper known as Wahbung, Our Tomorrows. This short documentary explores the history of Wahbung, Our Tomorrows, and shows how it was a catalyst for First Nations peoples’ right to self-determination. More information at  Click here to purchase film and accompanying Book and Teachers Guide.

Our Tomorrows, Today: Wahbung 1971 Trailer

Dave Courchene Jr. reaction to film: “Our Tomorrows, Today: Wahbung 1971”


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