Erica Daniels Film Screening of “Mikinakay – Trail of the Turtle” – Saturday April 8 at The Fort Garry

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A truly beautiful evening of film, featuring Cree director Erica Daniels’ Mikinakay – Trail of the Turtle, took place Saturday evening at The Fort Garry Hotel.

Click here for Film trailer.

The film contains a very special message for the youth.  It highlights the importance of rites of passage for youth entering adulthood – a vital step in understanding one’s identity.

Click here for information on the Vision Quest young men’s rites of passage (May 10-14, 2017).

Click here for information on the Makoose Ka Win young women’s rites of passage (May 10-14, 2017).

Miigwech to Ida Albo and Frank Albo for your generous support and great MCing.  Miigwech to Rhonda Head – Cree opera singer – for a very moving rendition of your song.  Miigwech to the Red Shadow Singers – Cody Courchene, Austin Hope and Austin Bruyere, Erica Marie Daniels, Tyrel Genaille and to all the speakers who shared from the heart.  Miigwech to Mary Maytwayashing for sharing more about the rites of passage, and to Justice Vezina, Laura Cameron, Louis Albo, Cody Courchene, Austin Hope and Austin Bruyere for all your help to make this event a success.  Last but not least, miigwech to all those who took the time to come out and watch this very special film and to share the evening with us.

Contact for more information about the film or to arrange a screening in your area.

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