The Story of the Eagle and the Chicken – Shared by Knowledge Keeper David Courchene III

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The Story of the Eagle and the Chicken

As Told by Knowledge Keeper David Courchene III (Anishinabe Nation) at the Onjisay Aki Youth Climate Summit:   Turtle Lodge, September 16, 2016
David learned this story from Colin Wesaw. eagleandchicken   david-courchene-iii David Courchene III (Painted Sky Man) is from the Eagle Clan and resides on Turtle Island, spending most of his time between two communities which he calls home - Sagkeeng First Nation and Biigtigong (Pic River) First Nation.  Currently he serves the Biigtikong community as Deputy Chief and is active in promoting the revitalization of the community’s Anishinabe culture and language. David often leads his people in ceremonies and traditional land use activities.  He has developed and integrated land-based experiences and programs incorporating the traditional knowledge of the Anishinabe people.  Much of his work is focused around First Nation youth. David comes from a long line of leadership in the Anishinabek Nation.  His grandfather, and great grandfather served as political chiefs of his home community while his father is recognized as a spiritual leader of his Nation.  He was home-schooled for many years by his parents Dave and Orianna Courchene, where he was taught the importance of the traditional ways and ceremonies of his people. He has traveled to many locations world-wide with his father, sharing the message of peace and promoting the environmental world view of the Anishinabe people. He enjoys spending his free time with his wife and four children hunting and fishing.
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    I would like to intercview Dave Courchene III for thr TRCM Lewt’s Talk Treaty radio Show. My number is 204-782-5191.

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