Reclaiming our Lives as Anishnabe People

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June 21, 2015
Sagkeeng First Nation
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Today an event was held in Sagkeeng First Nation to honour our women who have gone missing or have been murdered.
It was so nice for some of our community members to come out and support our grieving families. Meegwetch to Elder Dave Courchene for the Opening Prayer. So proud of our Grandmothers who led the walk to the powwow grounds. Very grateful to have our Chief Derrick Henderson and Councillor Marilyn Courchene come and support the families.
Kookum Aldeen Mason, Sagkeeng First Nation
Much as happened to us as a people – the suffering that we have endured and continue to endure as a result of imposition, indoctrination and a continued state of dependency. Regardless, we have survived. But not without much casualties, much pain and grief. I believe our Great Creator has a plan for us. We must not cling to the atrocities. We must move forward with clear vision and a positive attitude, accepting and embracing our duties and responsibilities that have been defined by our spiritual and natural laws. These must be the foundation of our revival and survival as a People. The children must be central as we carry out our duties and responsibilities. We have to find the courage to disengage from this environment of dependency in allowing the status quo to dictate our lives. Returning to the beginning is returning to Spirit, where all resolve will be found for a brighter future. Let us lift our sacred pipes to find the strength and courage that must come from us. Dreams and visions will offer us direction in finding our lives and our true purpose in loving and defending the rights of our children. We cannot do this and continue to compromise in the current systems. Our Great Creator gave us everything that we could have possibly needed to have a good life. What are we waiting for? This is how we can prevent the continued loss of those that have gone missing or murdered – Protecting and teaching our children properly, creating our own support systems, that define our perspectives as unique and beautiful people. We cannot move forward and anger, hatred, blaming when our lives are in our own hands. Let us have faith and belief in our Great Creator and in ourselves. Miigwetch!
Dave Courchene (Nii Gaani Aki Inini – Leading Earth Man), Sagkeeng First Nation

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