“The 8th Fire” and “Manitou Api” now available as Live-Streaming Movies

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Good news!! Two of the films that Turtle Lodge was involved in directing/producing: THE 8TH FIRE and MANITOU API – WHERE THE SUN RISES, can now be downloaded as streaming movies at this site (Documentary section). 





The 8th Fire

THE 8TH FIRE Nominated for BEST DOCUMENTARY at the North American Indigenous Image Awards (2009), and featured internationally at screenings and film festivals worldwide. The documentary was produced by Texas filmmakers Cindy Pickard & Andy Pickard, after Cindy attended the 1st Annual Igniting the Fire Gathering in 2006.



Manitou Api – Where the Sun Rises

MANITOU API reveals the discovery of symbols and wisdom lying in full view but forgotten — until they are brought again into awareness by those who have not forgotten how to see. MANITOU API is reminiscent of Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol, but with a decisive difference: It is true. Ranging from Canada to Cambridge, this fascinating film deals with life-and-death issues — because if we do not attend to the wisdom herein, we shall likely have no future on Earth, our only home.


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