David Suzuki and Ovide Mercredi Honoured for their Leadership

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David Suzuki and Ovide Mercredi were honoured at the University of Manitoba on October 24, 2014 during a Pipe Ceremony and Blanket Ceremony led by Elder Dave Courchene, and supported by Elders and Grandmothers, for their leadership in protecting the sacred land and for being a strong voice and advocate for Aboriginal and Treaty rights. Elders Charlie Nelson, Garry Robson, Harry Bone, AJ Felix and Elder Jake from Alberta helped with the ceremony.  Elder AJ Felix from Saskatchewan played a prominent role in organizing the ceremony, which took place at the University of Manitoba Great Hall, University College.  Grandmother Mary Maytwayashing conducted the Water Ceremony, supported by Grandmother Florence Painter and other Grandmothers and Women.  Carl Stone from the University of Manitoba was the Emcee and organizer of the event.  Freeman White Jr. from Whitefish Bay sang sacred Honour Songs on the Drum. Photos Courtesy Erica Daniels and Brandi Vezina, Turtle Lodge.

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