The 8th Fire

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Trailer for the Native American prophecy documentary with Dave Courchene Jr.: The 8th Fire — One Whole Earth — One Circle — Again (Directed by Pickard & Pickard (Rites of Passage/Imagica Pictures), U.S.A., 2007, 60 min,

Dave Courchene speaks about having a dream and following through with your vision. On his vision quest, he dreamed of riding on the back of a turtle and seeing the world flash by him. This inspired him to create The Turtle Lodge, a land-based spiritual Lodge near the geographical centre of the continent, for gathering and teaching using lessons from the First Peoples of Turtle Island (North America). “The 8th Fire” highlights the Anishnabe prophecy revealing the 2 choices that we now face on this planet — Materialism and Destruction or the Spiritual path, which includes care for the earth and for each other. The 8th Fire is told through interviews with Anishnabe Elder Dave Courchene and others. It combines striking images, powerful music, extraordinary interviews relating to the Earth, Nature, and the great need for all the races of the Earth to come together in peace. Order film at

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